Someone once said that it would be unthinkable if Rotary ever stopped  supporting polio eradication.  Decades of commitment would be lost, for then we would be known as the as the organization that allowed polio to become endemic again.
Fortunately we are in the business of Doing Good in the World and Rotary is committed until every last child and the world is polio-free. 
In October 2020 our D-5340 adopted and announced the Polio Plus Society program.  While not an official Rotary International program, it has been around in some form since 2012. It originated in D-5110 where Rotarians initially formed the Polio Plus program as we know it today. The Polio Plus Society is now formally supported in Zone 26 and Zone 27.
Like all great programs in Rotary, ideas begin at the Rotary club level, where ordinary folks do extraordinary things. That is not to say Rotarians are ordinary.  You will recall that our own D-5340 created the Paul Harris Society which is now a formal Rotary Donor Recognition. 

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