The San Diego Coastal Rotary club would like to invite all Rotarians in the 5340 district to participate in a fun and important service project.  We currently need more volunteers!  Here are the details:
  • Who and how many: We need a minimum of about 50 Rotarians to package 10,000 meals (the minimum). If there are too many volunteers, I will work on making shifts throughout the day or consider more than one day. For safety considerations, this event is limited to District 5340 Rotarians & Roteractors only and not friends and family. 
  • What: Packaging dry food (that can be made into quick full meals by adding water and heating) with The Outreach Program.
  • When: Saturday, September12. 
  • Why:  Many people  are experiencing food insecurity due to economic downturn. These are easy to make, healthy meals that will be distributed safely and locally by San Diego Food Bank.
  • How much: To create 10,000 meals, it costs $3000. Each volunteer will donate $50 to join in. This will be a tax deductible donation directly to the Outreach Project at the door. 60 volunteers would allow us to break even. If we go over (say 61-100 volunteers), it will simply be a direct donation to the Outreach Program. If we get 100 volunteers or more, we will work on creating a second event for another 10,000 meals.
  • Do I need to sign up? Yes! Do it today!  It's easy to signup.  Click here to signup for this amazing volunteer opportunity.  It's important to make sure that we have plenty of volunteers and space. If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Parker at After you sign up, you will get updates and more information about the project as we get closer to September 12.