Posted by Marta Knight
Pursuant to Rotary International Bylaws, Section 12.030.3, I invite all clubs to submit their suggestions for nominations for District Governor 2023-2024. All Nomination Forms for District Governor must be received no later than Saturday, October 10, 2020, to be considered.  Email them to or via mail to:  Rotary District 5340 Nominating Committee, 5052 Clairemont Drive #178651, San Diego, CA 92177.
The suggestion for District Governor must be submitted in the form of a completed Governor Nominee Form and a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the club, naming the suggested candidate. The club secretary shall certify the resolution. A club may suggest only one of its own members as a candidate for governor-nominee. (RIB 12.030.3) Here is a Sample Club Resolution and Governor Nominee Nomination Form.
The selection of a governor-nominee must be conducted in a dignified, responsible manner in harmony with the principles of Rotary. Section 13.010 of the RI Bylaws provides that any candidate who becomes aware of campaigning, canvassing or electioneering for elective office in RI, must express their disapproval to those so engaged and shall instruct them to terminate such activity. 
Rotary International Bylaws Article 16.020 state, “a governor at the time of taking office must have attended the International Assembly for its full duration, been a member of one or more Rotary clubs for at least seven years, and must continue to possess the qualifications in section 16.010.” 
Unless excused by the board, the person selected as a governor-nominee shall at the time of selection: 
  1. Be a member in good standing of a functioning club in the District. (RIB 16.010.a) 
  2. The Rotarian must have served as club president for a full term or as charter president for at least six months. (RIB 16.010.b)
  3. The Rotarian must demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a governor as provided in section “Duties of Governor” (RIB 16.030)
  4. The Rotarian must demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of governor as prescribed in the bylaws; and 
  5. Submit to RI a statement that the Rotarian understands those qualifications, duties, and responsibilities, is qualified for the office of governor, and is willing and able to assume and faithfully perform those duties and responsibilities. 
Interviews and selection of the District Governor Nominee, who would serve as District Governor during the Rotary year, 1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024, will take place on October 24, 2020 starting  at 10:00 AM.  Individual candidates will be contacted prior with their interview time. 
Should there be any questions on the duties, obligations and rewards of being a District Governor, please feel free to contact Marta Knight, Immediate Past District Governor or any Past District Governor who would be more than happy to speak with any prospective candidate personally prior to their name being suggested. You can contact me at (619) 871-3323.
A Future Governor virtual information evening will be held on August 24, 2020, at 6:00 PM. Current, Past and Future District Governors will be attending to answer any questions. Email Nominating Committee Chair, IPDG Marta Knight at for Zoom meeting information.
This notice is being e-mailed to each individual club President and will also be published in the District Web-Site found at