When asked about this, District Governor Dan Gensler said “The Rotary Clubs of Rancho Bernardo & Imperial Valley Global Grant project uses a modern fresh thinking way to educate migrant children. If you’re interested in getting involved in a Global Grant, please consider looking at this opportunity.”   Global Grant G-2801, provides internet education licenses, at a price of $40** per year, per student, to keep up their studies while traveling with parents in the fields. Talk about bang for your buck! 
7000 migrant children in the Imperial Valley portion of District 5340 have been without adequate schooling since the start of COVID. As their legal resident immigrant parents are doing the work to provide San Diego City and County with fruits and vegetables harvested there, we feel it’s important to assist their children. 
When fully funded, the grant will help around 700 children complete at least one year of schooling. School Districts throughout the Imperial Valley will supervise and administer the Education of Students and provide Mobile Devices (tablets, etc.) to run the Virtual Internet Programming. 
The Club is asking fellow Rotarians, their Club and Foundations to pledge funds to help meeting their  December 1 deadline for Grant Funding.
Benefits of the grant:
  • Learning Upgrade’s curriculum is U.S. Department of Education Approved and Certified
  • A Unique Student ID allows the child to use Any Device, it is not tied to One Device
  • Likewise, wherever the child is in the world with a wireless signal, the courses can be completed  
  • Qualified School Teachers monitor and control the individual child’s education for the year
  • This is modern fresh thinking education for migrant children (and adults/parents in the future)
  • As part of the Learning Upgrade license Teachers and Principals are trained at no charge
  • Imperial Valley Rotary Clubs Calexico, Brawley and Imperial Valley are already involved, as is Club Rotario Puruandiro, Mexico 
  • In addition, support the reduction in COVID infection interaction when contagion raises
  • An Approved District Matching Grant for $3,000 for 75 Children will be a Pilot with the above IV Clubs
  • Positive Environmental Impact as No Thousand-dollar Flights or Hundreds of Dollar Hotel rooms needed
  • No Cross Border Visa’s, Buses, Rental Cars or Taxis required for Rotaries to support this project
  • All these funds saved – AT ONLY $40** PER CHILD FOR A YEAR - can go directly to a child’s education
**Special Price for Rotary
Pledge Your Support Today 
    Global Matching Grant G-2801 (for Global Grant GG2128858) Target $30,000 
Contact: Alex. Robertson E-Mail: alexr@mediaccessmd.com Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo