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Rotary Youth Program Volunteer Compliance with California Assembly Bill 506 (AB 506) enacted 2021 and effective immediately.

AB 506 mandates new background check requirements and training standards for all Volunteers serving in California “youth service organizations” such as the District or “youth recreation programs” such as a Rotary youth program. The provisions of AB 506 are intended to provide a safe environment for the youth who Rotarians serve, to prevent child abuse and neglect, and to provide a framework for reporting known, suspected, or alleged incidents of child abuse and neglect.

The District is finalizing new Youth Certification procedures that will comply with AB 506. As soon as possible, these new procedures will appear on this page of the District website.

All current Volunteers in Rotary youth programs must still be Youth Certified. Your current Youth Certification, if any, will continue to be effective until rendered ineffective by the provisions of the new Youth Certification procedures.

Until such time as the new Youth Certification procedures are ready, please do not attempt to become Youth Certified. The only exception is if it is absolutely necessary because you are essential to the operation of a currently running Rotary youth program. If you believe you are such a Volunteer in any Rotary youth program except Youth Exchange, you may contact the District Youth Protection Officer, Doug Clements, at or (858) 487-8617 for assistance. If you are a Volunteer in a Youth Exchange program, you may contact the following Youth Exchange Officers for assistance:

·        Eliot Weitz at [Long Term Youth Exchange]

·        Karen Strabala at [Short Term Youth Exchange]

·        Karen Strabala at [Summer Camp Short Term Youth Exchange]

·        Dan Malloy at [Musicamp Short Term Youth Exchange]


Thank you for your understanding as the District initiates the new Youth Certification procedures.