People of Action

The People of Action award was inspired by Rotary's People of Action campaign. The awards honor individuals that have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in their communities, as well as those interested in Rotary’s causes. Honorees are also recognized for their efforts to establish positive relationships with others in their communities.

Below is a list of People of Action award winners for Rotary District 5340.


Rotarians of the Year (Chronological Order)

Year Rotary Member Rotary Club
2017-18 Gary and Karen Green San Diego Downtown
2017-18 Ildeko Tesak N/A (San Salvador)
2017-18 John Goodrich Rancho Bernardo
2017-18 Heidi Larkin-Reed Mission Viejo (District 5320)
2017-18 Paul Pierce Encinitas
2017-18 Jeanne Kearley Chula Vista Sunrise
2017-18 Charles Pretto San Diego
2017-18 Michael Whitehurst San Diego Downtown
2017-18 Trudy Armstrong Rancho Bernardo Sunrise
2017-18 Don Glover Rancho Bernardo