Last year, Rotary formed a strategic alliance with Toastmasters International. As part of this collaboration, Toastmasters has developed a structured curriculum of communication and leadership courses for Rotarians and Rotaractors. 
The eight online courses are available in English in the Learning Center. (Some are now offered in other languages; the complete curriculum will be available in all of Rotary’s primary languages by early 2021.) The titles are:
• Develop a Speech
• Deliver a Speech
• Inspirational Speech
• Interpersonal Communication and Networking
• Leadership Basics
• Leading a Team
• Leadership: Collaboration
• Building Consensus
These courses are designed to enhance communication and leadership skills and offer a robust framework for learning through self-assessment, independent study, applied learning, and peer evaluation.
Participants will begin with a self-assessment to evaluate their knowledge of, and comfort with, the skills covered in each course. After reviewing the study materials, which include videos and interactive modules, they will put what they’ve learned into practice by completing an assignment, such as preparing and delivering a speech, or volunteering to lead a service project or committee. As part of the process, participants will find someone to evaluate their performance and provide feedback, which will allow them to reflect on their experience, learn from their successes, and discover any areas for improvement.
Learning new skills through the Toastmasters curriculum can enhance many personal and professional endeavors, and applying them within Rotary and Rotaract will help strengthen our clubs and increase our impact as an organization.

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