Photo: Jeffrey Sitcov is the President and Founder and President of Doors of Change.
Since 2001, Doors of Change has been transforming the lives of homeless youth, one young person at a time. The work with youth ages 17-25 years old.
Recognizing that trust is often a significant barrier for youth in need of services, Doors of Change selected music and art as a non-threatening way to engage young people living on the streets. By offering music and art instruction in a small group setting, youth are given the opportunity to explore their feelings and challenges through the arts, achieve a sense of mastery for the first time, develop social skills that are positive and constructive, and create a vision for the future that is filled with possibility.
Old Mission Rotary has embraced Doors of Change as a Community Service partner. Before the pandemic, our members had the opportunity to cook and serve two Sunday dinners to homeless youth at the Episcopal Church in Ocean Beach. Face to face programs were put on hold with the pandemic. Our club foundation has since donated money and obtained a district Covid-19 Grant to fund packages of food and toiletries that Doors of change distributed to the kids living on the street.

On February 9th, The Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary presented a grant of $6,312 to Doors of Change. The funds will be used for a computer and multi-media software.  The virtual check was accepted by Jeffrey Sitcov who is the President and Founder.