Chula Vista Sunrise President Jeff, Thiel, Past Co-President Rochelle Carroll and President-Elect Nancy Kerwin show off all the gifts brought in by club members that were taken to our Adopt-a-Family last weekend. We were determined to make this their "Best Christmas Ever" while the dad is deployed!
This family experienced the tragic death of their sister/mother/aunt. The mother of four boys had already been struggling to meet the financial burden of managing her family on the father’s military income. Despite their hardships, the mom did not hesitate to take in her nephew when her sister died. 
The father has been deployed out of the country for the past three years. The mother cannot work due to the cost of childcare and the support needed in the home.  There are no extended family members in the area to assist with appointments, childcare or financial support which creates physical and mental stress that, at times, feels overwhelming.
The support during this holiday season will be of tremendous help due to the husband deployment and the family’s loss. The faces of these five young boys said it all when the gifts were delivered. Way to go Chula Vista Sunrise Rotarians!