The Rotary E-Club of San Diego Global (E-Club) was awarded a three-year VTT Global Grant (#1747029 FY17-19).  This is a BEL (Basic Education Literacy) grant whose goal was to improve teacher training in Honduras, resulting in keeping students in school.  Due to the Covid-19 virus and immigration problems, this grant ended early, leaving about $8,000 leftover from the funds to cover the volunteer teachers travel from the US that were not used.
The E-Club contacted past District 4250 (Honduras, Guatemala and Belize) Governors, Julio Gracioso and Dr. José Antonio Interiana Torre who directed the E-Club to Sergio Pineda, Usula Rotary Club, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Maxie Glackman from the E-Club, the lead Rotarian on this project,  worked with Regionaldo Muñoz from Students Helping Honduras for many years and between the three parties discussed how the unspent funding could be used to support Covid-19 needs. With amazing coordination between the E-Club, the Usula Rotary Club, San Pedro Sula and Students Helping Honduras, food packages were put together and have been sent to the students and their families who were the beneficiaries of this grant.