What happens after students receive Rotary Scholarships to enroll in master's degree programs in the University of San Diego's Kroc School of Peace Studies (KSPS)? Do they actively build peace? 
Does a Rotary Scholar's outreach in the service of peace justify his or her $60,000 funding? Each Scholar receives a $30,000 Rotary scholarship and a $30,000 match scholarship from the Kroc School.
Rotarians Steve Brown and Cynthia Villis surveyed the 34 international alumni from 21 countries who have received such Rotary Scholarships since 2002, seeking information about their experiences of their programs and their achievements since graduation. The information that they share is a celebration of peacebuilding on the dusty grounds of the Sudan and Somalia, to the highest level of law in Tanzania, to building low-income housing in China. To learn more about these scholars and what the research found, click here