Old Mission Rotary member Don Krupp noted that "vital statistics" about the coronavirus pandemic don’t tell us anything about the vitality of those good souls we’ve lost to the virus.  Here in San Diego, the virus has taken lives of over 4,000 individuals. 
On Monday, September 13th, those vital statistics tell us four San Diegans died of Covid-19.  One of those four was our Old Mission Rotary club member, Kevin Cox.  In his memory, Don shared a statement Kevin had posted on his Facebook page in April 2020 as the pandemic was just beginning to take its toll.  Kevin posted it again in April 2021: 
“Dear diary 4-1-20: This month will fully test our spirit and resolve as individuals, parents, children, friends, citizens, Patriots, countrymen and humanity worldwide. Don't give in to bad or negative behavior. Stay informed and positive. Do what you can to help others. Pray incessantly. Know we will get through this and be smarter and wiser from the journey. Stay safe!
Old Mission Rotarian Kevin Cox was inducted into the club on October of 2018.  He passed away from Covid-19 on September 13th, 2021.