The Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary recently issued a grant to RiseUp Industries!

RISE Up Industries is a nonprofit that prepares the formerly incarcerated for careers as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine operators in their full service machine shop. Former enemy gang members and convicts work side by side, helping one another to complete the Re-entry Program and make positive life choices. The kinship they have fostered is an inspiration and proof that training and rehabilitation work!  Graduates of the program typically find immediate employment.
The Art Pratt Foundation presented a grant of $4,094 to purchase a bead blasting machine that is used to smooth manufactured parts for anodizing. Joe Calbreath is a member of their board of directors and accepted the funds and showed us an engraved plaque that will be mounted on the Bead Blaster Machine.
Photo Caption: RISE Up Industries offers people leaving jail and prison an opportunity for vocational training for high demand machinist jobs.