Fernanda Torres, Peace Chair of the San Diego Coastal Rotary Club and the bi-national liaison for Districts 5340-4100 created an extraordinary peace pole for a new park in the working class Natura community of Tijuana. The peace pole is an impressive 15 feet high and beautifully decorated by hand by Fernanda. Each part of the decoration was symbolic with many emblems of Rotary as well as the wishes for peace on earth in English and Spanish. The pole is dedicated to the children of Tijuana. Helping Fernanda create, transport and erect the pole was Carlos Carrillo, chair of the International Service and Pro Peace Committee for the 4100 district and Mark McAnelly from the Old Mission RotaryClub. This was truly an amazing international peace effort!
The unveiling ceremony for the peace pole was held Tuesday, June 29 and attended by Rotarians from the San Diego Coastal Rotary Club Old Mission Rotary Club and Golden Triangle Rotary Club as well as many Rotarians from several clubs in District 4100.  A distinguished Peace Fellow Bogdan Matuszynski was in attendance. There were also dignitaries from Tijuana, members of the Natura community and, most importantly, Fernanda's parents (proud Rotarians). The Natura community was developed as a unique peace building community with efforts from the Ruba organization to bring the community together with a book club. Several talented ballerinas from the ABC Carvajal Dance Academy helped entertain the audience after the unveiling. Fernanda, the San Diego Coastal Rotary Club and several other Rotarians plan to continue to work with this Natura community in the start of a partnership and the sponsorship of a Rotary Community Corps.