Two years of COVID economy followed by the rising cost of food at the grocery store (7% food inflation) have impacted almost everyone, but it has pushed many in San Diego past the tipping point:  They cannot afford to buy food for their families.  This flows down to school children sitting in class, distracted by being hungry.
LaJolla Sunrise Rotary has teamed with the (Irwin) Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank to sponsor a virtual food drive.  The food bank is the largest in San Diego.  They have more than 200 food distribution sites and provide food to more than 1/2 million people per month.  They are a non-profit 501c.
The link below goes directly to the virtual food drive, and your donations go directly to the Jacobs and Cushman Food Bank where it will go directly to purchase food.  They get truckloads of food directly from the source, best prices - no middleman!
Our food drive works best on a computer with a mouse, not an iPhone or iPad.  Here’s the easy instructions:
  1. click on the below link.
  2. click on the red colored "instructions" tab for a diagram of how to get started.
  3. click on the red colored "start" tab to start shopping.
  4. click on the "checkout" button to complete shopping and send your selection directly to the San Diego families in need,
Because the need in San Diego is so great, and because of inflation, getting more severe, please forward this link to your network of friends to provide them with an easy way to contribute.
Thank you in advance for your contribution,