The La Mesa Sunrise Club has been busy this past month providing scholarships and food deliveries to recipients of the Learn4Life schools.  Learn4Life schools help students with needs that cannot be met by traditional public schools.
Pictured below are members of the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club packing up a week's worth of groceries  to give to students attending Diego Hills Charter High School, one of several  Learn4Life schools.  The club were fortunate to have member Rotarian Christine speak with the owner of a Grocery Outlet store, who sold the grocery items to the club for 1/2 of what he would get retail! 
Additionally, The Principal of Learn4Life, Lisa Youngflesh is a member of the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club. In support of her efforts and that of the students, La Mesa Sunrise donated  $3,000 to be divided between several of the most deserving students. President Elly Dotseth attended the graduation ceremony to help hand out the certificates. It was mighty hot outside on the black top behind Joan Croc Center, but it was well worth it to see how delighted the students were as they completed this first big step into their future!