On May 19-22, 2022, Rotary Districts’ 5340 and 4100 clubs of Carlsbad and Tecate joined together to host their May 2022 Tecate-Smiles in partnership with the Smilesinternationalfoundation.org which has helped thousands of children achieve their abilities to eat, speak, hear and smile more normally. One in 600 births in the Americas, from Canada down to Argentina, are born with congenital facial cleft conditions.  Through this last month's efforts in the midst of COVID precaution, well over 600 remote video/internet screenings were performed resulting in 40 potential individual children being scheduled for surgeon and anesthesiologist clearances for safe performance of reconstructive surgery at the Rotary Centennial Hospital clinic at Cerro Azul, Colonia Hindu, Tecate, Mexico. Out of these, 10 children passed all health and family COVID testing and received 44 reconstructive surgeries changing their lives forever. 

Their care was supported by the local Tecate DIF director, Maria Quijada, the Tecate general hospital directors, the entire membership of Rotary Club of Tecate, several Rotary Club of Carlsbad past and president-elect and members, the Rotaract Club of Tecate and Smiles Action Volunteer Group (past USA Rotaract students), and Doctors, Nurses, surgical technicians and volunteers from the Rotary Club of Scottsdale, AZ.  All of this was coordinated through the Smiles International Foundation located in Encinitas, CA with District 5340 Carlsbad Rotarian Dr. Jeffrey Moses. 

Many District 5340 matching grants from the Rotary Club of Carlsbad have helped to provide surgical equipment for these efforts.