Looking for great ideas on how to switch up meetings?  Here is an example of the creativity Rotary clubs are known for:  The Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club is trying a new creative approach to Rotary meetings by having its members gather in their cars for drive-in  meetings.  Planning requires the following to be considered:  
  • A large, available, quiet parking lot
  • A radio transmitter
  • The identification of a specific radio channel that works in the environment
  • The conveyance of that radio frequency to the membership
  • The parking instructions (facing one way or another)
  • The non-availability of audio-visual (or others may have that technical ability to do it)
  • Packaged meals/water delivered to each car
  • An RSVP re attendance (for meal service)
  • Set-up with Rotary banners, etc.
The Drive-In Rotary requires the program/speakers  to understand A/V is not necessarily available.  The club uses a cell phone number for their members to TEXT questions to the speaker.  The club conducted its  2019-2020 Annual Awards Ceremony via Drive-In Rotary so they could take good pictures and at least have their honorees FEEL the support they enjoy from the membership.
Below is a poem that was created to invite members to Carlsbad Hi-Noon's August 24 meeting: