For the 2020-21 Rotary year, some District Grants may not be possible due to COVID restrictions and cancellations.  We understand that clubs may want to reallocate funds to another project.  
Funds may be reallocated only if the project was postponed or cancelled due to COVID related issues. In order to reallocate some or all of your DDF for another project, your club must:
  • Send an email requesting approval for reallocation of funds to the District Grants Chair by April 1, 2021 ( including details of the new proposed project and how funds will be spent.
  • Once you receive approval for the new project, a note will be made in the history log by the District Grants Chair noting new project approval and date.
  • Your club may then carry out the project.
  • Final report will include in section #1 a reference to the original project, why it could not be completed, and how the money was reallocated. Final report will include a line item in section #8 showing $0 for original project expenditure and showing the dollar amount spent on the new project
Please be sure that your club does not carry out the new project until you have received approval from the District Grants Chair.  Final reports are due within 30 days of completion of the project and must be correctly submitted before a club is eligible for a District Grant in the 2021-22 Rotary year. If you have any further questions, please contact District Grants Chair Elana Levens-Craig at or (619) 993-7805.