The first month of serving as your District Governor has been a privilege and honor.  I have been welcomed with open arms and warm hospitality in my visits to the clubs.  As a member of a larger club, I am amazed and delighted to see the impact our small and medium sized clubs are making on local communities and communities throughout the world.  
One of my goals as your District Governor is create more awareness around international opportunities for service.  Jebb Bakke from the RB Sunrise club is leading this initiative.  He will be working with the various clubs to better understand what clubs are doing internationally and where they may need help.  These opportunities will then be posted on the District Website.  We are also planning a trip to Guatemala February 5-13 and will be hosted by the Guatemalan Literacy Project.  Dugan Lamoise from the Del Mar club is heading up this initiative.
Mark your calendar for September 10-12 to attend our District Conference at the Hotel Del Coronado, our first conference in 3 years.  This event promises to be a spectacular weekend filled with fun, education, inspiration and more fun.  Don’t wait, REGISTER for the conference NOW. 
Thank you for your service; thank you for being People of Action!