The 100 Wave Challenge runs September 19 through November 22 with the Degree 33 Surfboards team and Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship members taking off at Cardiff on October 3rd.  Be sure to swing by the event to cheer them on as they ring the gong after completing 100 waves each.  Better yet, if you would like to get involved to support this 501(c)3 as a mentor, volunteer, help out at the event or make a donation be sure to check out the Events page of Surfers Unite at:
According to Brett, "We have fellow Big Kahuna Lifetime members like Vince Ponce of the Rotary Club of Carlsbad Hi-Noon, Past President and Lifetime member Ken Barrett of the Rotary Club of Del Mar Solana Beach, Past President Derren Lechuga of the Pacific Beach Rotaract Club and many others involved in raising funds and awareness for at-risk youth." 
The 100 Wave Challenge is clearly a wonderful demonstration of how the family of Rotary can come together even during COVID to make a positive difference in the San Diego Community. 
As of the time of this publication more than $200k has been raised for this 11th Annual 100 Wave Challenge and donations to the team can still be made online through November at:

Together Rotarians truly make a difference.  After all, we're people of action.  To learn more about Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship or to get involved in future events including future clean up events, the Supergirl Pro or sign up to drop off meals to the surf teams participating in the 100 Wave Challenge visit: