Rotary members frequently work with youth as part of community program across Southern California. From reading in local schools and Interact programs on campuses, to Youth ExchangeRYLA, LEAD, Model UN, and MusiCamp™, youth programs are a core component of many Rotary clubs. 

Rotary District 5340 has published an updated Youth Protection Policy that governs interactions with minors, including a mechanism for Rotary members to become certified to work with youth in a volunteer capacity. In accordance with the Youth Protection Policy, District 5340's Youth Certification process has been overhauled to include a revised application, an online background check, and web-based training.  
Response to the new Youth Certification program has been tremendous. For Rotary members who have been youth certified over the past decade, they will have additional time to earn the new Youth Certification qualification before their previous certification expires. The sunset period for past Youth Certification has been extended to December 31, 2017.
"Hundreds of Rotary members have already completed initial applications and background checks, and achieved provisional youth certification," said Scott Carr, Governor of Rotary International District 5340. "It has been an uphill climb in helping our members complete the third step of certification, which includes online training. From difficulties in sharing links, to incompatibilities we have uncovered with mobile devices, the training has been a challenge for many to complete. We have listened to member feedback, and are working on an all-new training module that will streamline the process, and provide the full youth certification."
Each and every Rotary club should have at least three (3) members that are Youth Certified. Every activity that involves minors or other youth should be equipped with volunteers that have gone through the Youth Certification process, and successfully earned their new YC badge. The new Youth Certification qualification is valid through June 30, 2019. 
Rotary members who have the legacy Youth Certification will have until December 31, 2017 to attain the new Youth Certification qualification. On January 1st, the legacy Youth Certification will no longer be valid for use in projects where minors will be present.
Several programs do require annual re-certification and background checks, including Youth Exchange, MusiCamp, LEAD, and RYLA. For more information on our youth programs, please click here.
Questions about the program can be directed to Doug Clements, Youth Protection Officer for Rotary District 5340. To learn more about how new and existing members can become Youth Certified, visit