Our District’s Leadership Plan
This past nine months (the time it takes to have a baby) our District took a deep dive into our leadership plan.  With guidance and help from District Governor Elect Dan Gensler, District Governor Nominee Chuck Pretto, District Governor Designate Dianne Crawford and Assistant Governor Don Fipps, we can now unveil the new and improved District Leadership plan.
The great thing about the plan is there is a place for everyone at the table.  Without further ado, let’s get after it.
Our District runs from the beaches of San Diego to the border of Arizona.  There are 60 clubs in San Diego and Imperial Counties.  We have 10 Rotaract Clubs - college and community based.  We have 2,900 members in these clubs.
Everyone has a role to play in the growth and success of their club.  We want that for our club.  Right?
Just like our clubs have committees and committee chairs, the District has committees and committee chairs.  Looking at the Avenue of Service Committee chart, we have:
  • Youth Service
  • Community Service
  • International
  • Club Service 
  • Vocational Service
Each of these committees serve areas of need and focus.  Some committees meet once or twice a year.  For instances, Rotarians at Work Day is a one day event, though there will be planning ahead of the day.  Others like Mentoring, Speakers Bureau, Friendship Exchange, Don’t Wait Vaccinate and Youth Exchange require attention from time to time during the year on an as needed basis.
Other committees like Environmental Sustainability and Anti Human Trafficking meet on a monthly basis.  The Youth Services committees like RYLA, LEAD and Model UN meet often during the year in preparation for these programs.
Each committee needs help and support.  If you could review the committee chart and find a committee that fits with your passion to serve, we would love to have you become part of that committee.  Among other things, it is a great opportunity to serve and expand your knowledge and experience within Rotary.  Please see chart below:
And, there is more.  Beside the Avenue of Service committees, there are the District Committees.  They include:
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Public Image
  • Training
  • Rotary Foundation
Please see the chart below:
Frankly, the committees in most need of help are Membership and Public Image.  If you are so inclined to help with these two committees, it would be greatly appreciated.  Our clubs surely want to retain and attract new members.  This committee would be a great way to have an impact.  
Ron Kohl chairs the Membership committee and would love to have your help.  Ron can be reached at:  ronkohljr8@gmail.com.
Public Image - our brand - needs help as well.  If you have a marketing or sales background, perhaps you can lend your expertise and experience.  The brand will attract new members.  And new members will also contribute to The Rotary Foundation that allows us to do projects here at home and around the world.  And this will lead to an increase in our brand recognition.
Elana Levens-Craig chairs the Public Image committee.  And, like Ron Kohl, would welcome your input and energy.  Elana can be reached at:  levenscraig@hotmail.com.
If you didn’t know, Rotary is the largest community service organization in the world.  I believe that our organizational structure allows us to better serve the clubs and membership.
Like the committee members and committee chairs, each of us in the District 5340 Leadership Team has a role to play.  We support each other every day to bring the best to each club.  We serve with joy and passion.
The District Governor works hand in glove with the District Governor Elect, District Governor Nominee, District Governor Designate and the sixteen Assistant Governors to bring the best service to the club presidents, the clubs and the membership.
Please take a gander at the chart of the Leadership Team that is proud to represent.