On April 5, members of the Old Mission Rotary traveled 200 miles south of the border to assist the VIDAI public health program in a settlement of tomato farm workers in San Quentin Baja.  Twice a year, 150 facility and students from San Diego State, UCSD, the UABC Medical School in Tijuana and members of the Old Mission Rotary Club spend several days in Colonia Lomas de San Ramon to provide medical, dental and public health services to the Mexican-Indians who live at the colonia.
For 15 years, Old Mission Rotary has concentrated on improving the Colonia's school - La Escuela de Salvador Diaz Ramon in Lomas De San Ramon.  The strategy has always been to ask the leaders of the community what they need.  Old Mission Rotary has funded a kitchen, a library, an 1800 square foot covered patio, a covered walkway, a computer center, and painting of the school. 
On Saturday, April 6, a new water purification system became operational at the Salvador Diaz Ramon School.  The Aquacycl system was installed in stages over the last few months.  The Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary provided the initial $6000 in seed money.
The bio-electrochemical water reclamation system represents the first time ever that this school has had unlimited access to safe drinking water and it is the first time students have been able to serve themselves drinking water from the school kitchen.  Given the high incidences of diarrhea and dehydration that are experienced in this community of agricultural workers, this improved access and water quality will work to significantly enrich the quality of life and education for the 300 students and staff at the school.
The picture below shows Gerry Hosenkamp and Stan Vogelsang of Old Mission Rotary being recognized by the San Diego water technology company, Aquacycl, for the contributions made towards the bio-electrochemical water treatment system installed at the Salvador Diaz Ramon School in San Quentin Baja.