Everyone knows from watching TV and other news sources that COVID-19 vaccinations are not occurring as fast as they should.  Sharp HealthCare has decided to open a supersite in the Sears building in Chula Vista to help facilitate the ramp up of the numbers receiving vaccinations.  This past week many Rotarians responded to the call for volunteers to help get the program off the ground.  Many have reported back that it was an excellent experience and provided meaningful work.  Thank you to all who were able to give of your time. 
On its first day, Sharp had 1,800 registered folks qualifying for the vaccine shot.  It is estimated that by the end of next week, the clinic site will have the capacity to administer vaccine to 5,000 people daily.     The need for volunteers will continue for some time to come as health care providers ramp up their efforts to get more vaccine into the arms of qualifying participants as soon as possible.  
Sharp HealthCare through its “Sharp Lends a Hand” program will be the host for future volunteer registrations.  Volunteers will be able to sign up using a portal and selecting the time and date most convenient for them.  This portal is now operational and can be found at:  https://www.sharp.com/health-classes/category/sharp-lends-a-hand-52.  Please note that the registration site is part of a larger registration site that includes classes. The program treats the volunteer assignment as a class; do not let that deter you.  
Rotarians who are physicians, nurses, dentists and veterinarians with a current license can also help.  Please contact Jade Cydell at jade.cydell@sharp.com.

There is no better service project opportunity than the one presented to Rotary by Sharp.  Volunteering at vaccination clinics is being part of the long-term solution – one that will bring about herd immunity over time.  Rotarians, who are People of Action, can help make this effort more successful by donating their time to this effort.  

There have been questions about whether volunteers can be vaccinated.  At this time, the answer is no.  Vaccine is still in limited supply and Sharp must adhere to the tiers in determining who can get the vaccine.  This may change in time, but for right now, it is their reality.  Social distancing is practiced, and everyone is required to wear a mask.  No one having symptoms such as fever or sore throat should volunteer.  Rotary encourages its members to make a self-determination as whether to participate or not based on your own-risk factors.

If you have questions about this volunteer opportunity you may contact AG Sandy Pugliese at 619 813-8922 or by email at sandyp304@gmail.com.  Sharp is her former employer and she has all the contacts for getting answers and for facilitating registration as necessary.