Each and every club should have at least three members that are Youth Certified. Every activity that involves minors or other youth should be equipped with volunteers that have gone through the Youth Certification process, and successfully earned their YC badge.
The process of becoming Youth Certified is an easy one.

Step 1 - Complete Application

Download the District 5340 Youth Volunteer Application and complete it. Scan and email it to YPO@Rotary5340.org, or mail it to the District 5340 office at 2247 San Diego Avenue, Suite 236, San Diego, CA 92110. 

Step 2 - Background Check

District 5340 has setup a special background check portal with IntelliCorp, a trusted third-party verification service that works with Rotary clubs and districts across North America. The service includes the following checks:
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Verification 
  • Validated Multi-State Criminal Super Search Database
  • Validated Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
  • Validated Department of Corrections
  • Government Sanctions – Terrorist Search
  • Single County Criminal Search
IntelliCorp does NOT pull credit reports, and has in place strict controls that adhere to Fair Credit Reporting Act. To begin, simply visit youthcertify.candidatedirect.net and enter password rotary5340. Cost of the service is $12.95 plus any applicable county fees, which can be paid securely online. While most courts charge a nominal fee (in many cases, $4-8), we have heard of reports of significantly higher court charges. Unfortunately, these costs are imposed by individual court systems for performing the background check. Should you have any questions, please contact the individual courts.

Step 3 - Online Training and Testing

The final step is completing an online training program, created by Rotary District 5340 specifically for Rotarians in Southern California. The training is free, and followed by an online quiz that is reported to the District Youth Protection Officer. The training must be completed before earning your new Youth Certification.
If you have questions about the YC process, please contact Charles "Doug" Clements (Rotary Club of Valley Center), District Youth Protection Officer at  ypo@rotary5340.org with any questions.