Documents to Download

   28-Sep-15 Nomination for District Governor 2018-19 Notice (83KB)
Notification of process and requirements for DG nomination.
   28-Sep-15 District Governor Nominee Form (38KB)
Official DG Nomination Form
 24-Feb-14 Rotarians at Work Day 2014 Release (29KB)
Release for use by volunteers in Rotarians at Work Day.


District Governor Nominee Information(48KB)
Information required for a Rotarian to be considered for District Governor.


District Leadership Plan(7663KB)
The District Leadership Plan is an operational guide to District activities. It contains organization charts and other useful information for Rotarians and Rotary leaders.


Risk Management for Clubs(3804KB)
This is the Presentation give by Pete Griffith at the March 26 District Assembly. The script for each slide is included.


District 5340 Bylaws 2010(30KB)
This version of the D5340 ByLaws reflect changes approved at the October 22, 2010 District Conference


District Leadership Plan - FAQ(261KB)
This is a short list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers about the District Leadership Plan


District Conference Registration Form
The is the registration form for the May 2010 District Conference to be held in Imperial Valley , CA. Mail it to: Dale Bailey, Rotary District 5340, 2247 San Diego Ave 236, San Diego, CA 92110.


Updated D5340 Strategic Plan Initiatives(189KB)
The District Executive Committee met on September 19, 2009. This document reflects the initiatives and strategies that were discussed at that meeting.


Form to indicate your interest in serving clubs in the District
If you are interested in serving at the District level in any capacity or would just like to know more about specific opportunities please complete and submit this form.


Future Vision Pilot Districts(35KB)
This is a list of 100 Districts that were selected to serve as pilots for the Rotary Foundation's Future Vision Program.


Emergency Communication Plan(12KB)
This is the Districts Emergency Communication Plan


District Bylaws(47KB)
This document defines specific operations and how they are handled by our Rotary District 5340. These bylaws were approved at the 2009 District Conference, May 16, 2009.