Welcome to Grants

District Grants and Global Grants from The Rotary Foundation (TRF) are a wonderful way of getting your club involved in exciting and meaningful projects in your own community and/or with a Rotary Club in another country.

District Grants can leverage your club's cash (often doubling it!) for a project at a local or regional organization.

Global Grants are even more exciting.  They usually involve partnering with a Rotary club in another country to a high impact project in your partner club's community.  Your club cash can be significantly leveraged by matches from the District and from The Rotary Foundation.  It gets even more better when several members of your club actually visit the project site and bring back life changing stories, as well as pictures for social media. 

If the project you wish to complete is beyond the resources of your own club, you can also partner with another club in our District.  That can be equally exciting.

Being able to participate in grants is one of the greatest advantages of being in Rotary. You are able to identify a need, develop a way to improve the community, and receive funding to make that vision a reality. It is always an incredibly rewarding way to engage your members, no longer how long they have been in the club. Don't miss the opportunity to do grants!