One of the most challenging, but potentially rewarding components of any fundraiser is the use of a raffle. If done properly, raffles can provide Rotary Clubs with a means a fundraising, for very little up-front cost. 

The Encinitas Rotary, in planning for their annual Wine Festival, relied on charity partners to secure raffle prizes. The Club wanted a raffle prize with a value of at least $100 or combination of prizes equaling that total from each partner. They encouraged dining out certificates or wine with a minimum retail value of $20 per bottle. The items secured need to fit into one of their first 
5 categories. The grab bag category was for items that didn’t fit.


The Club marketed the raffle tickets on the basis that they had $5,000 worth of total prizes. In fact, the Club wound up with over $7000 in prizes. Tickets were 1 for $25, or 3 for $50. Purchasers did not have to be present to win. Each Charity Partner had to sell $500 worth of tickets or their amount of revenue was reduced by the amount they were under $500. The Club made just under $8,000 on the raffle section of the event alone in 2011.

Raffle permits are available directly from the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. Filing fees are only $20, and the permit can be downloaded at:


The Attorney General has also posted a useful FAQ on raffles:


Take the time to carefully plan out your raffle, and ensure you are in compliance with laws and regulations that govern the event. A little forethought will help ensure a successful raffle, which benefits your charity partners and Rotary Club along the way.