Selecting beneficiaries is one of the most important aspects of setting up any fundraiser. Working with beneficiaries, particularly those that are well-known in the communities they serve, can be a tremendous asset. What many Clubs do is identify a cause that they care about, approach those beneficiaries about using their logo, and put on the event. But a strategy called the Charity Partners Model turns this concept around, ensuring that beneficiaries are an important part of the success of the fundraiser.

As the name suggests, the Charity Partners Model makes beneficiaries an integral part of the promotion of the event. Beneficiaries in this model are expected to serve in several capacities, including:
  • Ticket promotion and sale
  • Raffle ticket sales
  • Raffle prize donations
  • Silent and live auction prize donations
  • Securing of sponsors
  • Involvement in planning meetings
  • Sending volunteers to work in the event
In exchange for their participation, beneficiaries are expected to receive a certain percentage of proceeds from the event. By making beneficiaries participate at this high level, they take on a vested interest in the success of the event (since higher proceeds equate to higher contributions to their non-profit). It becomes a win-win for everyone involved.

The Encinitas Rotary has utilized this model for several years with its Wine & Food Festival, and requires beneficiaries to complete a Beneficiary Agreement. It spells out all of the conditions each beneficiary is expected to fulfill, and ensures that everyone (from event organizers and promoters to beneficiaries) are all working towards the same goal.

To download a copy of the Beneficiary Agreement in editable Word format, please click here.