Daniel Gensler, District Governor

Daniel Gensler

Daniel Gensler will serve as District Governor during the Rotary year 2021-22. 

Gensler is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who has owned his own financial planning and investment firm since 1995. He served as President of the Coronado Rotary in 2006-07. Since then, he has served many roles within the District, and currently serves on the Foundation Committee for Rotary District 5340.

Charles Pretto, District Governor Elect

Charles "Chuck" Pretto

Chuck Pretto from the Rotary Club of San Diego will officially serve as District Governor during the Rotary year 2022-2023.

In 1992, Chuck was invited to join San Diego Rotary. He found his niche hosting exchange students. He and his wife hosted a half a dozen students throughout the years. In Club 33, he chaired numerous committees including Camp Enterprise, Project Allocations & Grants, and Youth Exchange. He served as President in 2013-14 and then Chair of the Club 33's foundation the following year. He has been active at the District level and served as District Conference Chair, Chief of Staff, Rotaract Chair, Chief Aide and upcoming Chief Assistant Governor.


Dianne Crawford, District Governor Nominee

Dianne joined Rotary in 1997 and is a proud member of the Rotary Club of Southeast San Diego where she has served as Club President, Board Director & Secretary. She has served as a member of District 5340’s Leadership Team for 16 District Governors in a variety of positions including Assistant Governor, Membership Chair, Strategic Planning Chair, Club Service Chair, New Club Development Representative, District Training Resource, Foundation Specialist and as a facilitator for the Rotary Leadership Institute and President Elect Training (PET’s).

In her first District role as an Assistant Governor she learned how she could use her professional experience in Sales & Business Management as opportunity to serve.  Her unique and creative approach to business, expertise in training & organization development, interpersonal skills along with her enthusiasm for “all things Rotary” has helped her make significant contributions that have improved District programs and club support.  She has received multiple awards for her Rotary service including 2010/2011 District Rotarian of the Year for her contributions to district membership growth and key role in the formation of new clubs.
Dianne grew up in Connecticut and move to San Diego in 1979 when her husband Michael transferred to complete his last year of service in the Navy. Her son Regis and grandson Kingston are her pride & joy. She loves spending time with them and visiting her family at home on the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean as often as possible.