Ukrainian Humanitarian Assistance

There has been an outpouring of concern on how we can help the citizens of Ukraine who are experiencing tremendous suffering and loss with thousands of woman and children fleeing the country.   My Classmate, District Governor Dana Moldovan from District 5240 (California Central Coast) is originally from Romania.  In her conversations with our fellow Rotarians in Romania she said; “Refugees are arriving in Romania with almost nothing, some are just walking over the border.  Most refugees are women and children as the men are staying behind to defend their country. It is still winter and yesterday it snowed again at the border.”  Of course, we’re all seeing the disturbing images on the news and naturally wondering how we can help. 
We have coordinated with District Governor Adrian Luca & District Governor Elect Florin Marginean from Romania Rotary District 2241 to provide support for the refugees.  Contributions will be used for food, clothing and shelter for the women and children refugees.  
Your donation will not be tax deductible.