With significant media attention being paid to #MeToo and sexual abuse and harassment, particularly in the workplace, it is important that all Rotarians abide by norms and proper decorum when working together with other Rotarians. This is especially true at all club meetings, community projects, and service events.
The #MeToo movement started in October, 2017 with the public disclosure of  sexual assault allegations made against producer Harvey Weinstein. As publications continued to receive accusations of misconduct by Weinstein, media attention to sexual abuse and harassment grew exponentially. Soon after, thousands took to social media using the #MeToo hashtag, and a movement was born.
Many point to #MeToo as triggering a tidal wave of similar stories, which began an international movement against sexual harassment and assault. While the media has increasingly highlighted the issue, Rotary International and Rotary District 5340 have always maintained a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment.
Sexual abuse or harassment has no place within Rotary. Rotary's Code of Policies specifically spells out:

2.120. Conduct for Rotary Events and Activities 

Rotary is committed to maintaining an environment that promotes safety, courtesy, dignity, and respect. All Rotary club members and individuals attending or participating in Rotary events or activities have the right to an environment free of harassment, including unwelcome physical contact, advances, or comments. 

Rotarians and their guests shall demonstrate good character, integrity, and leadership by fostering a professional environment at club events and activities. 

Allegations of unwelcome physical contact, advances, or comments at Rotary events or activities shall be reviewed by the club board and responded to within a reasonable timeframe. If the offending individual is a member of the club board, he or she is expected to recuse himself or herself from the discussion. 

Any allegation of criminal behavior should be referred to local law enforcement. 

Failure to adequately address allegations of inappropriate behavior may be referred to the district governor(June 2017 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 177) 

Sexual abuse and harassment is also reflected in our Youth Protection Policy, which states:


All Volunteers interested in working on a Rotary youth program or with Rotary youth program participants must meet the eligibility requirements of RI and the District. RI and the District prohibit the membership and participation of any person who has admitted to, been convicted of, or otherwise been found to have engaged in sexual abuse or harassment.

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