Our Friends and Fellow Rotarians in 4100.
In early July I was introduced to Guillermo Nava, District Governor for District 4100. District 4100 covers all of Baja California, and from the Arizona border down to Culiacan, Mexico on the interior of Mexico.
Governor Nava and I had a translator so we could have a conversation that was meaningful to both of us. My Spanish was equal to his English. A get-to-know-you talk that was scheduled for one-hour lasted ninety minutes; and we could have gone longer without a doubt.
It was more than cordial and friendly. We spoke about our Rotary journey and path to the Governorship. I would trade my Rotary resume for his Rotary resume any time. Governor Guillermo has done so much for Rotary. He is so impressive and very humble. The best part about him, is that he gets my humor.
We spoke of the many projects that 4100 is about to undertake that will improve the lives of those in their communities. These projects focus on the youth and the after school programs.
In August, District Governor Elect Dan Gensler and District Governor Nominee Chuck Pretto joined me along with 4100's District Governor Elect Octavio Sanchez Ramonetti and District Governor Nominee Victor Hugo Caballero. We continued to get to know each other and build on the relationship that started the month before.
In September, we met again and discussed attending each other’s District Conference in Tijuana and Del Mar. We also explored doing projects together when the border opens up after the pandemic subsides. We also discussed expanding our reach to District 5320 in Orange County under District Governor Gianna Richards and District 5330 under District Governor Barry Valdez. Both Districts are already doing projects in 4100. Governors Richards and Valdez will be joining us for future monthly meetings.
So, what does this mean for us and our clubs in District 5340?  In time, we will be able to do international projects within District 4100. There will be many Rotary clubs we can partner with on Global Grants and District Designated Funds to improve the lives of many in this region of Mexico. Our international partners eagerly await our arrival to collaborate on these grants and projects.

It means our clubs can do an international project very close to home with low travel costs and travel time going and returning from the project’s destination. We will have the opportunity to know Rotarians in Mexico and built lifetime friendships.
We will meet and partner with Rotarians in Orange County (District 5320) and Riverside (District 5330). Our Rotary experiences will grow and enhance as we build relationships in southern California and abroad.

Everyone of us will have the chance to see and know the internationality of Rotary. This is a very significant development and an exciting time to be in Rotary.