Rotary Opens Opportunities.
Rotary’s theme for this year is: Rotary Opens Opportunities.  I think (that’s why the column is called Musings) this is a most appropriate theme for this Rotary year.  By the way, I thought last year’s theme of Rotary Connects the World was also an outstanding choice.
Since July 1st, we have seen clubs and Rotarians adjust and adapt to the challenges brought on by the pandemic.  Opportunities presented themselves in ways not considered or thought about back in January or February.
We see club meetings on Zoom that are highly attended.  Not a club meeting happens where a member is checking in from another part of the country or world.  I made an official Governor’s visit to the Bonsall club on Thursday.  The club customarily meets at the Pala Mesa Golf Resort off I-15 in north county inland.  Club president Jeff Johnson led the meeting by Zoom from the country of Belize in the middle of a hurricane.  Amazing!!
Clubs are having Zoom happy hours sharing drink recipes.  Awards are given to the most creative drink concoction.  Drinks with umbrellas don’t count.
For in person fellowship, club members find a way to meet at someone’s home outside with social distancing and masks.  This is such a welcome relief and keeps us connected.
Club projects are foremost on clubs minds.  We continue to find ways to serve.  The opportunities are there for us.  Helping the homeless and the hungry are priorities.  Helping homeless students living in cars also brings great participation by clubs.  
The District Grants and Global Grants submitted showed the diversity of projects locally and around the world.  During this time, Rotarians found ways and opportunities to change the world for good.  In fact, one could say that Rotary was made for a time like this.   
The End Polio Now Day on October 24th was another example how clubs rallied around the cause of eradicating polio.  Live, in person walks, virtual walks and other awareness raising and fund raising activities were abundant around the District.
These are just some of my observations on the vibrancy of our clubs.  We look for opportunities to serve.  Let’s keep it up.  And, thank you.