Giving Thanks For Rotary
During this Thanksgiving week, I would like to share my gratitude for those people who have made this Rotary year special.  If I have left someone off the list, it was inadvertent or an oversight.  No slight was intended.  Please feel free to make your own list.
  • For the 60 club presidents who have done an amazing job keeping their clubs rolling and connected during this Rotary year.  Each is a great president, leader and person.
  • For the 14 Assistant Governors who have done a great job staying connected with the club presidents and clubs.  We couldn’t do it without you.
  • For the clubs and their members.  The communities and world owe you a debt of gratitude.  You have made the world a better place because of your caring and doing.
  • For my chief of staff, Susie Callahan who has kept me on track and my spirits up.  Rotary does open opportunities.
  • For past DG, Scott Carr, a great friend and mentor.  And, for all the laughs along the way.
  • For past DG Marta Knight, a great friend and mentor.  Mercy me!
  • For past DG Marilyn Sanderson, a great friend and mentor.  Your unsolicited words of wisdom are always welcome.
  • For District Governor Elect Dan Gensler, a great friend and leader who is going to take our district to new levels.
  • For District Governor Nominee, Chuck Pretto, a great friend and leader who will also carry the mantle of taking our district to newer levels.
  • For Governor Designee Dianne Crawford, a great friend and leader.  We are lucky to have Dianne as our future Governor.
  • For the Advisory Council - made up of past District Governors - whose support and wisdom has kept me within the guard rails of leading the District.
  • For my District Governor classmates of the Southwest PETS contingency.  We have created life long friendships that started well before our Governor year.  Meeting with them each month is a true joy.  They are the best: Deb Linden, 5240, Bette Hall, 5280, Greg Jones, 5300, Gianna Richards 5320, Barry Valdez, 5330, and Diane Ventura-Goodyear, 5500. 
  • For Sandy Pugliese, the editor of Newsbits and Sunday Morning Musings, who always makes me sound good.  And she keeps the critics at bay.
  • For Don Fipps the wizard of the Zoom technology.  Don has been responsible for the Zoom Governor’s dinner, Membership Seminar, Foundation Seminar, monthly leadership meetings and all things Zoom.
  • For David Oates who has chaired our Anti Human Trafficking committee.  He has marshalled a great team that developed two on line training sessions and submitted a meaningful Global Grant to help eradicate human trafficking.
  • For Amelie Catheline who has also marshalled a great team to lead our Environmental Sustainability Committee.  They will save our planet.
  • For District Governor Guillermo Nava, a great friend and Governor, and his District 4100 Governor line, who have helped build a lasting partnership between Districts 5340 and 4100. 
  • For Zoom.  You have changed the way we meet for club meetings and committee meetings.  You keep us connected and bring us speakers from across the country and around the world.
  • For my wife, Ava, who has more than supported and helped me do the work of Rotary every day for our District and Clubs.  Thank you for everything.
       For all this and more, I am grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.