Dianne Crawford
I would like you to meet Dianne Crawford, our District Governor Designate 2023-2024.
The first thing to know is that Dianne is spelled with two "nns".  Okay.
Diane (caught you).  Dianne was born in New London, Connecticut.  Her mother, Charlesia, came to New London from St. Martin in the Carribean.  She wanted to create a better education and life for Dianne and her siblings.  She came from year-round tropical weather in St. Martin to freezing winters in New London.  Go figure.  
To give her a well rounded education, Mom bought Dianne an accordion.  Why?  Because Mom loved Lawrence Welk.  Dianne can play a mean polka.  She can dance a mean polka as well.  She was never made fun of in school for playing this popular instrument.  Really.  Not really.  
After the kids moved out, Charlesia went back to St. Martin to work as a community leader.  
Dianne’s father, Maurice Bertin, was the chief of police of the French Police Force on St. Martin.  He was a very well know figure on St. Martin.
Dianne went to New London High School, home of the Wildcats.  From there she attended the University of New Haven.  Need I mention the home of the Chargers.  Not those Chargers.  Charlie the Charger.  Dianne earned her B.S. in business.
After college, she went to a night club where there was music and spirits.  This night club was near the submarine base in New Haven.  A debonair young man in the Navy was there with a fellow Navy man.  This debonair man had his eye on Dianne.  Ummm.  They met and went their separate ways for a week.  
Both returned to the night club the following week.  Dianne did not remember or recognize him.  His name is Michael Crawford.  Not the Phantom of the Opera Michael Crawford.  His pitch is lower than the tenor’s.  Somehow memories got jogged and Dianne and Michael met again and fell in love.  They got married before Michael was deployed to San Diego.
After being in Connecticut for most of her life, Dianne told Michael, San Diego is the place for her.  And so it was.  They have a son Regis who has blessed Dianne and Michael with a grandson Kingston.
After Michael completed his Naval stint, he became a computer programmer.  The contacts he made suggested he join the Rotary Club of Southeast San Diego.  So, Michael joined the club in 2002.  One day, Michael invited Dianne to lunch with the club.  Dianne came every week for two months.  No one talked to her about becoming a member.  No one asked her to join.  Not being shy or reserved, Dianne joined the club on her own.  No sponsor necessary.
Just a few years later, Dianne became president of the club in 2006.  But that was just the beginning of Dianne’s involvement with clubs and the District.  She became an Assistant Governor.  But that is not all.  Oh, no.  Dianne has held these important positions as she has tried to move the clubs and District forward:   Strategic Planning Chair, Club Planning Chair, Club Service Chair, District Training Assembly Chair, District Membership Chair and PET’s Facilitator. 
In her work life, Dianne was Director of Sales for several telecommunications companies.  Once when interviewing for a position in the bay area, she was brought into the CEO’s office.  He noticed she was wearing her  Rotary pin.  He told her he was in Rotary as well.  They spent the next 45-minutes speaking about Rotary.  The boss then got up and said he had to go.  And, by the way, the job was Dianne’s.  End of interview.  End of discussion.
There is more to Dianne than this.  She loves spending time - Facetime included - with her large and extended family.  She has a particular soft spot for her grandson Kingston.  Kingston has come to Camp Dianne and Michael every summer since he was three. 
Dianne is a voracious reader.  There is always music and dancing in her life.  She is a big concert goer.  Her favorite is Ziggy Marley who she got to meet when he came to San Diego for summer concerts at the Del Mar Fairgrounds during the race track season.  Ziggy is a big supporter of Rotary having raised money to eradicate polio.
As Dianne ascends to District Governor, her guiding theme will be: Serve today.  Change tomorrow.  It is about the work we do.  Nothing else matters.
Please reach out to Dianne and congratulate her and offer your help.