Giving Tuesday
Eight years ago an idea came to someone’s mind at the 92nd Street Y (92nd Street Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association) to have a day of giving monetarily and philanthropically speaking. The 92nd Street Y is 146-years old.  But someone 138-years old did not come up with the concept to have monetary giving day.
So, we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday.  For the past eight years Giving Tuesday came the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  This year’s Giving Tuesday falls on December 1st.  First time in December.  Had to happen eventually.
I don’t know about you, but I am usually at my computer during the week days like Tuesday.  And, following Thanksgiving, who isn’t looking for a bargain.  Eyeballs are fixated on the computer screen waiting for the special something to leap off the screen and into our laps or wallets.
There may also be a method to the madness.  Studies have shown that people make a higher proportion of the charitable giving within the last three months of the year.  Must be that tax planning thing.  Or perhaps, it is the giving spirit that comes with the winter solstice.    
Over 1,400 non-profit entities make their presence known on the internet.  We don’t have to search for them.  They will find us.  We don’t even have to unsubscribe.  Giving Tuesday ends on Tuesday.
Here are some interesting factoids about last year’s Giving Tuesday.  Don’t worry, we will get to the Rotary part of this in a moment.  Keep reading.
Last year there was $511 million donated in 24-hours.  Pretty, pretty, good.  This year could be better.  27 million adults in the USA participated in some way.  And, 7.6 million people performed volunteer services.  See, there are many and creative ways to contribute.  Giving Tuesday is not the exclusive domain of the United States.  60 countries also rose to the occasion and participated.  Let’s call this a movement.
Where is Rotary?  And what can our clubs do?  What can we do as Rotarians?  A better question might be: Why give to Rotary?  Glad you asked.
Let’s start with accountability.  For eleven years in a row, the Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating from Charity Navigator.  We know that the money raised will be used for worthy causes and not squandered.
How about impact?  For example, every dollar given to polio eradication is matched 2 to 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Fulfilling our commitment to the Gates Foundation of $50 million a year turns into $150 to rid the world of polio.  Now, that’s impact.
Rotary has a global reach.  With 1.2 million Rotarians around the world, we are engaged in grants and projects that serve others to improve their lives.
Rotary is committed to bringing about peace for a more peaceful world.  We can do it with our Peace Fellows.  We get to the underlying issues that cause conflict in hot spots around world.  
These are pretty darn good reasons to give to The Rotary Foundation.  Giving back with our time, treasure and talent is a great way to make the world a better place.
I am not going to leave you hanging.  Let’s all give a little of ourselves and do our part to heal the world.
Please go to this website and make a meaningful donation this Giving Tuesday.  Thank you.