Marge Cole
Marge Cole, Past District Governor 2009-2010, is still very much involved with our clubs and District.  She chairs the Foundation committee and is the advisor for the City Heights Rotaract club and the newest chartered club - the Mission Gorge club.  And, there is so much more to Marge than that.  Her story is so compelling.  Let’s find out the rest of the story.
Marge was born in Inglewood, California, home of the Fabulous Forum.  But her story doesn’t begin there.  Her father, Buford “Smokey” hailed from Oklahoma.  A true Okie.  He moved to Los Angeles where, as an electrician, he built Liberty ships in World War II.
Her mother Mildred was a high school teacher.  This is very significant as we will learn.
Marge has two older brothers - Bill and Bob.  Then comes Marge followed eight-years later by sister Fran and brothers Beryl and Jim.
The family first moved to Long Beach before moving on and settling in Pomona.  It was in Pomona that Smokey went into business with his brother “Cloudy.”  They created a family electricians company.
Marge attended Pomona High School, home of the Panthers.  Apparently, panthers were rampant in the Pomona area.  It was very scary for crosstown rivals.
Upon graduating high school, she went to the University of California Santa Barbara.  Nothing like college on the beach.  And becoming a Gaucho.  She graduated with a double major in History and English.  This education background prepared Marge for her life’s work.
Marge’s career as an educator began at Morse High School where she taught U.S. History, World History, American Government and Economics.  She taught in the classroom for ten years before making the decision to work herself up in administration. 
Her career path led her to selection as the Vice-Principal of Lincoln High School.  As she moved along, she became Vice-Principal at Serra High School.  A side note: Marge suspended future District Governor Scott Carr from school for conduct unbecoming a future District Governor.  This may not be true.  Or is it true?
Marge then returned to Morse High School as its Vice-Principal.  There she reunited with teachers and colleagues from her teaching days at the school. She then got to run her own school.  Marge became the principal of West Hills High School in the Grossmont Union High School District.  It was at this time that District Superintendent Dr. Joanne Smith asked the principals to join a community service organization.  Joanne was a member of the El Cajon Rotary club.  With this directive, Marge joined the Santee-Lakeside Rotary club.  She became club president in 2002-2003.  During that time, Marge led a Group Study Exchange in Central Mexico.  These experiences helped shape Marge’s desire to become even more engaged in Rotary.
From there, in 2004, she chaired the District’s Foundation Committee for the next three years.  This is a very important committee because it is responsible for the allocation of District Designated Fund (DDF) projects and Global Grants.
In 2009, Marge became the third woman, following Sandy Rimer and Pam Russell, to lead our district as District Governor.  She is most proud of initiating the LEAD program (Leadership Ethics Aspiration Determination) designed for 8th grade middle school students.  She also built out the Rotaract Committee which oversees and supports the ten Rotaract clubs in our District. 
And Marge is not done by any stretch.  She chairs the District’s Foundation Committee.  She has meant so much to the committee and clubs.  In her second go around with the committee, Marge has done an extraordinary job.  Among other things, she oversaw the allocation of over 95 DDF projects and Global Grants; an increased number of Polio Plus giving; with over 400 Paul Harris Fellows.  The committee has nine members who, under Marge’s leadership, have done an extraordinary job navigating its way through all the changes that have happened this year.  We are all better because of Marge’s commitment to our clubs and District.

Now that Marge has retired from her work at the Grossmont Union High School District, she does find time to play golf twice a week as a member of the Torrey Pines, Balboa Golf Course and Coronado Golf Course clubs where she maintains a very low handicap.  We can find Marge playing every month in the District golf tournaments. 
Another interest is traveling.  She has been to 15 Rotary International conventions and ties together trips before or after the convention to places and countries near the convention location.  Marge is part of Rotary's International Travel Fellowship and enjoys the company of like-minded Rotarians.  So far, her favorite convention was in Montreal.  Next up, Houston and then Melbourne, Australia.
Marge is a big theater fan and looks forward to returning to Broadway in New York to see her favorite and new plays as Broadway re-opens.  And, she is somewhat of a movie snob.  She has a critical eye for movies.  That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy a Jason Stathom shoot ‘em up every now and again.
Finally, I am so indebted to Marge for all she has done to help me through this year.  She has be a gem that I could lean on for guidance and support.  She has shown me and others the way to run a committee as significant as the Foundation committee.  
Marge, thank you for everything.