This Sunday Morning Musing's guest columnist is Chuck Pretto.  Chuck is from the San Diego Rotary Club - Club 33; and he is the District Governor Nominee 2022-2023.
I know you will enjoy his Musing.
It is my great pleasure to be a guest contributor to District Governor Steven Weitzen’s weekly column. As most of you know, I am Chuck Pretto, District Governor Nominee, which means I follow Dan Gensler as DG in 2022-23. I have been a member of San Diego Rotary since 1992, and very much look forward to serving you. 
Youth Services has always been extremely special for me. My wife Kimberly and I have hosted numerous long-term exchange students. We keep in touch with many of our previous students and look forward to a world when we can travel again to re-kindle Rotary friendships. Our last long-term exchange student, Manon Pignot, went to San Diego High for one semester and Point Loma for another. She has become our Rotary daughter; she even came back two years ago to be in my daughter's wedding.
Rotaract is another Rotary program that I have dedicated the last five years of my life towards. One of the most rewarding experiences that I have had as a Rotarian, is to mentor Rotaractors. So, I thought I would dedicate this article to explaining some of ins and outs of that program to encourage you to consider becoming a mentor. We are actively looking for mentors and can use your help.
Jordan Maharaj was a Rotaractor at San Diego State University. I was the Rotaract advisor for my club when Jordan approached me about becoming her mentor. Given that I had had such wonderful connections with many of my long-term exchange students, I agreed. Jordan and I embarked upon an amazing journey. Jordan served as District Rotaract Representative and later she became a member of Club 33. Most recently, Jordan was named the executive director of San Diego Rotary. I am so very proud of Jordan. I look forward to her leadership in Club 33 in the years to come.
I have also connected with Will Hackett. Will is a project manager for a local biotech company. While our professional careers are completely different, we’ve made a great connection even during COVID. We speak every couple of weeks catching up with each other. Will wants to someday own his own business, so that has been the focus of our many conversations.
These are just a couple examples of the wonderful Rotary connections I have made through the Rotaract mentorship program. Hopefully, these stories will inspire you to become a Rotaract mentor. We have both college students and those directly out of college looking for Mentors. 
 Here is the official information regarding the program:
  • The District 5340 Mentorship Program was created to encourage fellowship between Rotarians and Rotaractors throughout the district, and to encourage continued involvement in Rotary by Rotaract Alumni. To get started, please complete the online application (
  • Once the application is submitted, you will be matched with a Rotaractor to mentor, based on your job field, education, hobbies and interests, etc. Rotarians will be expected to meet with the Rotaractor they have been matched with at least once a month for a six-month period (either in-person or virtually). Participants are also encouraged to attend at least one of their match's club meetings.
If you have any questions about the Program, please reach out to Vocational Service Director Derren Lechuga by emailing:, or calling/texting 951.764.6890.