Sandy Pugliese - Newbits Editor
Sandy Pugliese is the publisher and editor of Newsbits - the District newsletter you are reading now.  Sandy also maintains the District web site:  For this, and more, I am eternally grateful to Sandy for what she does.  She makes me sound half decent and keeps me in line with unreasonable deadlines.
There is more to Sandy and her story than that.  We, as a public service organization, will take you behind the scenes to learn what informed and shaped Sandy Pugliese into who she is today.  Like all good stories, we start from the beginning.  Sandy was born in Delta, Colorado.  Delta’s population was 4,000 people when Sandy was born.  This trading outpost wasn’t big enough for the Mulvihill family. Father Don and mother Nancy had bigger plans.
Sandy is the first born of seven kids.  There are six sisters and one brother.  It should be noted that there is an eleven-year difference between Sandy and her youngest sibling.  You do the math.
Father Don was a milkman and later a foreman for Knudsen  Dairy.  Nancy was a stay-at-home mom tending to her growing brood.  Sandy learned to call for fair catches when the rolls were passed. 
The Mulvihills moved to the East County area where she has lived her whole life.  Sandy’s schooling took her to Helix High School, home of the Scotties.  Once a Scottie, always a Scottie.  Or something pithy like that.  Other than Sandy, a few other notable alumni include, Dennis Hopper, the actor, Bill Walton, the NBA hall-of-famer, and Alex Smith, NFL quarterback for the infamous Washington Football Team.
Sandy married and had three children - Tom Vanderhyde, a teacher at Westhills High School, Brian Vanderhyde, an IT administrator at Sharp Healthcare and Cristy Vanderhyde, a project manager for Northrup Grumman in Palmdale. 
She is blessed with five grandchildren. 
While raising her children, Sandy ran for a seat on the Santee School District's Board of Education.  She succeeded in securing a seat and won a total of five elections, serving  for 21 years before retiring, choosing  to concentrate on  her career.     
Sandy recently retired from work life.  She worked for 28 years at Sharp Grossmont Hospital as the Community Relations Manager.  Among the many things that she initiated were:  The Health Education Science Institute (HESI), a three-week elective class through the Grossmont Union School District held at Sharp Grossmont Hospital’s campus; an internship program for Health Science High and Middle College - a charter school with an emphasis on healthcare careers.   Students are on the hospital campus daily throughout the year.
And, if that wasn’t enough, she initiated Healthcare Towne, a program designed for middle school kids.  The young students are outfitted in lab coats, stethoscopes and ID badges.  They spend an entire day following patients at different levels of care.  This is done as mock simulation.  You should know that this is where, and how, Doogie Howser, M.D. got his training.
Interestingly, in 2006, Sandy was responsible for the hospital’s campaign on Proposition G, a bond measure for $247 million,  to expand Sharp Grossmont Hospital.  The proposition passed by 78% - the highest margin, like ever.
As Sandy was about to retire, Sharp Grossmont Hospital completed its Prop G projects, including building a new tower for patient rooms.  One of the rooms was named in Sandy’s honor for all her contributions to the hospital.  When she had knee replacement surgery she was able to stay in her own room.  How’s that for Karma?
She has been very community oriented throughout her life.   She chose Rotary in 2009, joining the Santee-Lakeside Rotary club.  A fast riser, Sandy became president in 2010.  During this time she became a Paul Harris plus two member.  She was twice voted as the club’s Rotarian of the Year.  These are hall-of-fame credentials.  Sandy currently serves as the Assistant Governor for Area 11, the Santee-Lakeside club and the La Mesa Sunrise club.
Her Rotary club is her second family.  She loves the people and loves making a difference in the community.  Being so involved in the club, she started a club Newsletter.  Past District Governor Marilyn Sanderson - excuse this digression.  
Marilyn Sanderson was a great District Governor.  She recently committed a mortal sin by leaving the district to semi-retire in Rancho Mirage.  And, do you know that the first thing she did was join the Rancho Mirage Rotary club?  And the second thing she did was become president of the Rancho Mirage Rotary club.  The nerve.
Anyway, Marilyn was so impressed with Sandy’s club newsletter, she asked Sandy to publish and edit Newsbits.  And, that is how Sandy came to Newsbits.  We can forgive Marilyn.  Maybe. 
Sandy does such a great job of getting announcements out, articles about club activities, fund raisers and District events and trainings.  I don’t know what we would do without Sandy and all she does for our clubs.
She is not all retirement work and no play.  She is a hiker - knee replacement and all.  Sandy loves to camp out.  Like on the ground on the dirt.  In a sleepy bag.  Under a tent.  Give me a Holiday Inn anytime.  She has a creative side to her as well.  She loves to paint (not by numbers) and crochet.  She is an expert at crochet making beautiful blankets for her grandchildren.  That’s because Sandy loves being a grandmother.
We just wanted everyone in the District to know our super great Sandy Pugliese.  When you get a chance, drop her line and let her know what a terrific job she is doing.  Tell her: Steve sent you.