Coronado Rotary Club’s Flags on the Avenue
One of the District’s most notable and commendable community projects is the Coronado Rotary club’s Flags on the Avenue.  The Flags on the Avenue is the signature project of the Coronado Rotary club. 
Eleven times a year the Coronado club places American Flags on both sides of Orange Avenue - the main street in Coronado.  It is a stirring sight as you can see from the pictures.
Like many projects, this was started by one member of the club - Bob Watson.  Bob was president in 1994-1995.  Ten years later in 2004-2005, Bob became the District Governor.  Notably, Bob created Rotarians at Work Day for the last Saturday in April.  Rotarians at Work Day isn’t just for our District, but was adopted by Rotary International and is observed around the Rotary world.  Every Rotarian spends some time working on a local project with the club or collaborating with another club.
The Flags on the Avenue project started small and grew as more members embraced the project.  Originally, the flags were put in the back of a pickup truck and driven to the Ferry Landing.  The flags were then placed on Orange Avenue up to Ocean Avenue near the Hotel Del Coronado. 
Today, there are 180 flags that line the median on both sides of Orange Avenue.  The club buys 20 new flags a year to keep them looking fresh.  They are mindful of the flags maintenance.  For instance, the flags are not kept out overnight; they do not let them drag on the ground; and the members wear gloves when posting and retrieving the flags.  In addition, the club allocates an annual budget of $750 for maintenance of the flags.
A driving force of the club’s committee of 76, is Bill Gise.  Bill designed and constructed the 180 concrete holders that provides a base for the flags.  He is primarily responsible for cleaning out the holes after each placement.  Bill also constructed the trailer where the flags are housed.  Much props to Bill Gise.
The City of Coronado also plays a role in the Flags on the Avenue project.  The City approved the club placing concrete and plastic pipe fittings on the median for the flags to be securely placed.  The City also provides a police escort when the flags are about to be placed.
The flags are stored in a trailer that is housed in the basement of the police department.  Because a governmental office is used, the City’s leadership has supported this project.
The days when the flags are displayed are:  Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriots Day (9/11), Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Pearl Harbor Day.
There are other occasions when the flags are displayed.  Such as when an aircraft carrier comes into port or when honoring a fallen veteran.
Club members making up the crew meet at 6:45 a.m., the day of the day of flag placement.  They meet at the corner of 1st and Orange.  The trailer that transports the flags is painted with Rotary colors.  Martial music is played as the trailer is traveling down Orange Avenue.  Club members who have flag duty that day wear their Rotary vests with the logo: Service Above Self.
After the morning posting, fellowship follows with coffee and stories being shared with this great experience. 
At the end of the day, the crew meets and takes down the flags.  The flags do not stay up overnight to respect the protocol of the flag.
Not only does this project promote patriotism in Coronado, but it also promotes the Rotary brand.  The residents of Coronado and visitors wave to the Rotarians and honk their horns in appreciation for the effort.   
If you are out and about on Monday, February 15th, Presidents Day, do drive by Orange Avenue in Coronado and see the impressive Flags on the Avenue.
Congratulations to the Coronado Rotary club for this project that is the essence of community service and engagement.
Get a glimpse - See it in action.