On Saturday, October 5, the Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club participated in the Grossmont Healthcare District's Kids Care Fest in Lemon Grove.  The Kids Care Fest focused on low income residents of Lemon Grove and surrounding areas, providing health related education, screenings, food pantry items and fun activities for the whole family.  Flu shots were available for children and adults alike.  Three Rotarians chose to be good role models in promoting the need for immunizations and volunteered to get their flu shots.  
In today's world of missing children, parents need all the tools than can use to help find their missing children.  To assist in that effort, Rotarians fingerprinted over 40 children with parent's permission.  Parents were provided a card with their children's finger prints and were instructed to add a photo and snip of hair as a DNA sample and to keep the kit near immunization records or where they keep their important papers.  Children ranged from toddlers to middle school children.  Children were rewarded with a selection of appropriate toys and stickers.