We are proud to report that Rotarian, Rotary Peace Fellow, Fulbrighter, RISE Sand Diego Fellow, Bogdan Bogey Matuozynski recently received the U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is a celebration of unity, compassion, and a shared vision for a better world. It embodies the strength of a community committed to kindness, diversity, and service to others. 

Bogdan's experiences as a Rotary Peace Fellow, international educator, a student at the U.S. Naval War College, a Fulbright Awardee, and a federal law enforcement agent among other roles solidified his belief in kindness as the universal language of empathy. He expressed these experiences have taught him that true strength lies in vulnerability and that authentic connections are born from shared humanity. Community service, for him is a vital avenue for resolving conflicts and fostering positive peace. It's about actively engaging in our roles, formal or informal, whether in our jobs or as global citizens, to promote peace.