Trees improve the livability of our cities for countless reasons. Your District Environmental Sustainability Committee would love for you to learn more about why urban trees matter by inviting experts to speak at your club. We are putting our best suggestions on the District 5340 speaker’s bureau for you.
For decades, the tree canopy in San Diego has been decreasing as the city grows. Large mature trees are removed and are often replaced with smaller species - if at all. These replanted trees then struggle to establish and reach maturity due to drought, heat and the demands of the paved areas around them. This makes our city progressively hotter, our air more polluted and flooding more likely. More healthy trees – especially in strategic locations - would help increase biodiversity, decrease carbon emissions, increase property values and improve quality of life for our citizens. 
There are several organizations, including Rotary, that are now working on reversing the trend of tree canopy loss. The DES committee plans to partner with Tree San Diego, San Diego County Parks and Rec Dept, Sierra Club and others to grow trees in our community. Over the next year, you will hear more about this in detail. If you have or grow a special love for trees, please email and be part of the San Diego Rotarian Tree Lovers group.