The Old Mission Rotary Club presented a check for $26,662 to the Thousand Smiles Foundation on July 9.  The money was raised at the annual "So You Think You've Got Talent San Diego" talent show.  Thousand Smiles veteran, Bob Chalfa explained that the money is about one-third of the Foundation's budget.  
The Thousand Smiles Foundation is a non-profit 501 Californian Corporation dedicated to providing free maxillo-facial surgeries and dental work to under-privileged children in Mexico who suffer from facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate.  Rotarians administer and help to run the quarterly clinics at their permanent facility in Ensenada.  If you'd like to volunteer for the next clinic scheduled for August 2-3, click here.    You'd be most welcome.
Photo:  Old Mission Rotary Chair, Steve Nunez (R) presents a check for $26,662 to the Thousand Smiles Foundation's Immediate Past President, Stan Vogelsang (L) while one of the founders of Thousand Smiles, Bob Chalfa, looks on.