Two significant things you need to know regarding the Rotary Convention this coming June:
December 15, 2017 is the last date for the early bird registration discount.  After the date, it goes up $100.
Another major event is occurring the same weekend of the Rotary Convention.  Hotels will become a premium so book now!  The RI Convention website below has a link to local hotels.
There was a hint at the recent Zone Institute event, who one of the guest speakers may be.  Last weekend, Alex Robertson, District 5340 Promotional Chair for the 2018 Convention, was introduced to "Mounty Mo from Toronto, with a photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau"....get the rhyme?
Locally, while the Rancho Bernardo and Coronado clubs battle it out for the "largest numbers of members attending to-date", other smaller clubs are seeking the title with the "largest percentage of members attending."  Could your club take that title?  Winner will be announced in June.
Helpful convention links are below.  Future updates will occur through Newsbits.