On July 8, the Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary Club presented a grant to the Prep School of the Nativity.  Nativity Prep Academy is a private-independent, tuition-free, Catholic School for young men and woman who will represent the first generation in their families to graduate from college.  The program has supported more than 230 students in San Diego over the course of 11 years.  The prep school itself is a middle school located in San Diego's Oak Park neighborhood with grades six through eight.  Financial support and coaching continues through high school and college.  The philosophy of the school is that the best hope for low-income children is a great education earned through hard work.  The school promotes personal care and service to others.   The Art Pratt funds will be used to furnish a new common area room where students can relax in peace and quiet.
Photo L-R: Art Pratt Foundation President Lee Kaminetz, Brian Hickey of the Prep School of the Nativity. Art Pratt Directors Bob Chalfa, Judi Copeland and Larry Edwards.