Photo:  Niels performing his song at the Solana Beach Eco-Rotary.
Niels Lund, Past President (2017-18) of the Solana Beach Eco-Rotary and Rotarian since 2000, is an avid advocate for the protection of the environment and our common home that we call our "Planet".  As a musician, composer and song writer, Niels felt the urge to write a song about the climate crisis we live in. 
With news from all the around the world on global warming, and the shift and unpredictability of the climate, we are in a very serious situation when it comes to the future of our planet.   Science has produced indisputable evidence that the earth is now at a crisis point.  For many people the predictions are so overwhelming that they will tend to retreat and do nothing.   Niel's song is intended to get beyond the data, beyond the scientific evidence and appeal to our hearts.  The song has the impact of making us "feel" the climate crisis rather than having to rely on dry data statistics.  It is the power of emotions at play, which can be more empowering than hard data.  When we "feel" the crisis, it strikes at the heart and we are more likely to take action in our personal lives.  It is the power of music, the power of art.
"My Love for the Planet" - click to listen.  Lyrics are available  here on the the club's website