San Diego Coastal Rotary Club 'adopted' a Syrian refugee family in 2016. It started with simple 'welcome to America' gifts but members have become very close to this family over the years. They have taken them on field trips, secured them a car and celebrated holidays together. The family, feeling the love,  has participated in the Club's service projects like Feeding San Diego. Rotarian, Jenny Parker helped dad open his first checking account and get a credit card. She was able to help one of the children get into Preuss next year!  She taught mom to drive and the kids to swim. In return, she had some wonderful meals and memories. The family honored her by naming their youngest child after her (Jana). 
One of the toughest problems for the family has been housing. They (all 9 of them) have been living in the same two-bedroom  apartment (600 square feet) since they arrived. It has been impossible to find another larger affordable place to rent.  They were unable to get into  Section 8 housing, low income housing or secure a home from Habitat for Humanity. This last year has been exceptionally hard with the pandemic stay at home orders. The apartment they live in is falling apart and the area is horribly crime-ridden.  Graciously, Jenny has decided to buy a house and let them rent. The kids can have a back yard and mom will have a kitchen for a catering business.
It's probably the worst time to buy a home in San Diego because there is so little on the market and prices are skyrocketing and the competition is fierce.  Homes are selling over the asking price in less than 24 hours of being on the market.  
Jenny has met all kinds of generous Rotarians interested in helping this family in various ways but she is looking for anyone who can help them find a home. She is looking in Southeast San Diego with a price range of $500 -$550K.  Fellow Rotarian Craig Hothem is the real estate agent.   If anyone knows of any potential leads, please let Jenny know.  She can be reached at 619-985-2999.